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Legal Representation & Advice: Neighborhood Justice Center provides assistance to disadvantaged and undeserved persons who face criminal charges and need extended legal representation, brief service and/or advice only to obtain the best possible outcome. The project seeks to serve populations who are targeted by law enforcement and not always treated equally under the law. Many of the clients represented also face immigration consequences because defendants increasingly are refugees or immigrants with charges against them that could result in deportation proceedings. Staff look beyond the immediate legal problems to serve the whole person, helping to arrange such services as chemical dependency or mental health treatment. Bilingual, bicultural community advocates fill paralegal and research needs, serve as liaisons between clients and the court system, and help educate clients to avoid future problems.

Education for Low Income Refugees, Immigrants, and Juveniles: Our educational programs focus on serving low income persons, refugees and immigrants from various cultures. Over the years we have found that immigrants and refugees have limited understanding of the criminal justice system to due cultural and language barriers. The program seeks to clarify what constitutes illegal behavior in the United States and how to avoid criminal behavior when dealing with law enforcement.

Our education program for juveniles focuses on helping juvenile persons avoid illegal behavior and encourage positive interaction with law enforcement. We partner with schools, and other human service programs to help low income juveniles of color increase their knowledge of their rights and responsibilities and how to avoid criminal behavior.

Expungements: Increasingly it is becoming more difficult for persons with a prior criminal record, who are now, and have been for several years, law abiding citizens to obtain housing and employment. Our expungement program seeks to limit this harm by assisting persons with a prior criminal record in getting that record sealed by the court through its tedious expungement process

Assistance in filing Internal Affairs complaints.

  • A Non-Profit Community Based Law Office

    Neighborhood Justice Center is a non-profit community based law office. For NJC to continue to ensure that low-income persons and persons of color receive fair treatment in the legal system we need your support.

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  • Internal Affairs complaints

    Neighborhood Justice Center is now offering assistance in filing Internal Affairs complaints.

    Please contact Darcy Golish for additional information.

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